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Thread: Broadhead?

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    Default Broadhead?

    What does everyone like to use for a broadhead for black bear. This year i will be using a 125gr G5 Striker. This a bad choice? Tell me what ya like and why.

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    Default 3 blade

    I am shooting a recurve pushing a GT 55/75 with a 100 ggrain insert and a wensal woodsman 150 grain BH.

    They are easy to sharpen and make a better hole, (logic says that the 3 cuts alow the wound to open easier, weather or not this is true,......?). I've only shot 2 animals so far with this set up , a pig and a black bear. Both were pass thrus and quick recoveries.

    my .02

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    Despite their hide, black bears are actually fairly thinned skinned. Any sharp, well made broadhead from most name brand manufactures will work well. Yea...a G5 Striker or Montec would tear one up. Shot placement and sharp heads are the key.

    Good luck!

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    I have used the Zwicky eskimo 2 & 4 blade models and a magnus II 4 blade to take bear. All were heart lung hits and the two bladed bear went just 25 yards. The big magnus hit bear did about 60 yards.

    I short I used on deer savora/wasp/thunderhead/muzzy/bear razorheads/ zwicky/ magnus/ rocky mnt. ect. All work equally the same for quick kills with the edge going to a two blade in the event of bone incounters or required extreme penitration. I like fix/replacables 3 blade heads for componds and two blade Zwikey/Magnus for recures.

    Its the shot placement that maters a two blade is just as quick as any other head out there. I expect any animal to be dead in 5-10 seconds with proper shot placement no mattre if a longbow or compond bow was used. And too wide of broadhead is a disadvantage nothing over 1 1/4 and no need or care for the rage type heads in MY BOOK.

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    Default G5 Montec

    I am personally a big fan of a fixed blade broadhead over replacable blades. The 125 grain striker will work great for bear, but you might want to take a look at the G5 montecs, I took a cow on fort Rich with one on a gold tip 7595 and it was a double lung heart shot that went another 20 yards after exit.

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    Default this year

    three blade, 250gr VPA Terminator. Will let the air out of a couple lungs this year!!

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    I've used the Montec G5 broadheads for several years now. I always wonder if there's something better on the market- but that's human nature. They sink into a target so deep its tough to get them back out! Of 2 moose and 4 black bear, all have been complete passes, with a lot of momentum left after the pass. I think tjen said it very well in his post. More important than which brand one guy likes the best, is which brand and weight will fly best and most truely from your bow. Since shot placement is truely key, the setup that is most consistent shot to shot, at what ever range, is the one to go with.

    I like fixed blade best: less moving parts means less can go wrong.

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    Default g5

    I used the g5 stryker 125 gr. last year on my bear, double lung and complete pass through and the arrow stuck into the ground about 10 inches very impressed with it, the bear went 20 yards and died. I will stick with the g5


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