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Thread: Unit 22 Musk Ox closes

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    Default Unit 22 Musk Ox closes

    All remaining sub units closed last night for Musk Ox. Sub units 22B, C, and E all had unfilled quotas.
    Those of you who chose to wait until next year missed some of the best hunting weather all season these last few days. A Teller area draw permit holder was up and brought 2 teenage sons. They were able to harvest a good bull their 2nd day out. Additionally, a herd that was just inside the closed area boundary moved out of that closed area and at least one easy kill was made close to town.

    For anyone interested in hunting next season, start planning in Oct. I will post on this forum during that month.
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    Thanks for the update. I'm surprised the quotas were not met. As good as the meat from the one I got this year tastes, I'll be talking with you come October.

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    I'd make your plans early with MT for next year. it will be QUICK hunt that you'll need to be out here on Jan. 1 ifyou want a chance (if they lower the quota, like suspected).

    I'm not surprised the quotas weren't met. They were a PITA to hunt this year, especially after the "easy" ones were taken. I know, on at least a few occasions I found myself with meat on my back and a LONG walk back to where we could get the snogos.
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