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Thread: Beavers with 10" conibears??

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    Default Beavers with 10" conibears??

    I found a great beaver dam and have been trying unsuccessfully to trap beavers with 10-in conibears. My approach has been to tear out a small section of the dam and place my traps below the water right in from of the torn out section. The pond is iced over so the only way out is the hole in the ice right next to the torn out section. On my most recent check, the beavers had sprung my traps with some sticks and then buried them in the dam! They are very quick to fix the dam after I have torn it out. Any tips to make my trapping more successful or do I just need to be more patient?

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    Never had any luck with breaking a dam and setting a body grip...their sticks always get in the way.

    Set the body grip on the dam trail if they are going up and down it to the water below (well secured)...if they aren't doing this...then break a portion of the dam, then set either side (where they would swim up to it) with a coni. If you can force them to dive (requires deeper water) it works even better. A foot trap works also in this case (with a force stick to make them put down their back foot) but a coni will work great too.

    Good luck


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    if you have a big enough foot hold set that were they get on the dam a little lure would help to i use milligans taos and it hasent been turned down yet

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    could be the beavers your targeting may be wise to conibears ,try putting in a castor mound set with a #3 minimum sized foot trap preferably use a #4 or #5 trap something with a 7.5"jawspread & set for a hind foot catch rigged to a slidewire in deeper water to drown your catch, see if snares will fit into your bag of tricks also a company called RBG(ROUND)body grip traps make a round conibear in 10 & 12 " they're a bit pricey but adding just a couple to your inventory wont set you back to much, you can order from Minnesota Trapline Products they are a dealer, goodluck as educated beavers are sure to give you the fits, HAHAHA

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    pm or e-mail me and I'll help you out. or call 232-9141.. I need to know a couple things. Ice still thick enough to walk on, size of the dam, feed pile accesible...etc?. I'll show you the PVC set and a few others. I am good at getting Beav's. Skip the dam set and run a bottom edge or run set, bait set, entrance set or a couple others. I can explain them better over the phone. Jon


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