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Thread: Looking for some hooters!

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    Default Looking for some hooters!

    Blue grouse that is!

    I may have an oppurtunity to go to the SE this spring and would like to go after a few. I was wondering a few things though.

    Roughly what is the timeframe of the "hooting"?

    Is it dependant on a late/early spring or is their mating season basically the same time every year?

    Is it even worth bringing a shotgun for spring birds, or are they really almost exclusively ontop of the tall trees?

    Also, how about black bears during this timeframe? Are they out? Typically, when do you start hunting black bears in let's say, around Juneau?

    And of course, any information is greatly appreciated!!!


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    In my experience, towards the end of the season is the best time to hunt them. The last two weeks of the season have always been the best for me... I am from Juneau, but now live in Anchorage and wish i could go down for som hooter hunting.... As far as bears go, I would take a pistol just in case, but as far as grouse go, 22 lr with a scope or open sites if your good.. sometimes they are far away! PM me if you want any more information... good luck if not.


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