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Thread: Winter King Charter

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    Default Winter King Charter

    Looking for some suggestions on who is taking folks out for Winter King Fishing. Trying to schedule a trip on the 25th and any help would be appreciated. The more choices I have the better....Thanx

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    Thumbs up Captain Pete's

    Can't be beat. Pete really knows his way around fish around here. Giv ehim a call at 399-6001.

    He's a really nice guy too. He just got his boat back in the water after reworking it and making everything right for the up coming season.

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    Default winter kings

    Try Kodiak Combos out of Old Harbor 286-2252
    Providing trips for multilpe species for over 20 yrs

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    give steve walli a call at driftwood inn charters. hes probably one of the best.

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    Default Only used one charter

    Daniel's in Homer, hope some survive the poor seasons and new reg's. Other than him, we always went with the old salts down there, when no one knew about winter kings in the 70's they did. And not all the time did we go any farther than the edge of the kelp beds along the spit.


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