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    Default Mackey SQ2

    I keep kicking around the idea of building an experiment Super Cub and wonder if anyone has any experience with this aircraft or can recommend another Cub clone. I really know very little about aircraft manufacturing, but like what I see from the CNC tube cutting, all 4130 frame and leading edge slat upgrade. I figure I would be into one of these around 100k, but would have a brand new aircraft. For hire would be out of the question, but I wonder about resale value if it was done first class? Thanks for any advise offered.

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    Default in the news today

    this happened yesterday- may not be a good time to ask

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    You might take a look at the Bearhawk Patrol, it is a fullsize, tandem, plans or kit built plane that may be in the cub class. If your handy with tools you could plans build for Way less than 100k. Downside is build time, probably 3-4 years if your dedicated. I have the plans for the 4 place Bearhawk that I plan to build some day. It's more in the Maule class. Just a suggestion if your looking at experimental. Search the web, I believe a guy in Fairbanks is building the Patrol right now.

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    Default done the homebuilt route

    Unless you really , really love to work on airplanes and not fly them and have $80,000 cash ahead of time, think it over. You will need a min. $30,000 firewall forward and 40,000 for the airframe. For that money you can fly away a C-180 or real nice supercub. MHO(no it doesn't add up but thats how airplane math works)

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    I say go for it. I have a certified cub right now, and would absolutely love to have an Experimental. I agree with your thought process of having a brand new airplane for 100,000, or less. IMO Experimental is the way to go, I have looked hard at all the kits out there, and Smith Cubs( Backcountry Cubs) are the way to go. Buy one so I can come look. :-)
    Good luck. Ron


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