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Thread: Sworaski (sp) STS65 for $983.00 Good deal / Steal

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    Default Sworaski (sp) STS65 for $983.00 Good deal / Steal

    Hello. I found this spotting scope bran new no eye piece. Trying to figure out if I should buy it or not. Help me decide. Would you buy it right now.

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    An STS65 with no eye piece for $983. I would say not that great of a deal if you plan on purchasing a Swarovski eye piece to go with it. For example, the Swarvoski 20-60 eye piece will run you about $600 (, making the total price just under $1,600. I think that's still slightly less than I paid for my ATS65 new, but not by much. Another option might be to go with a different eye piece (assuming they are compatible). Kowa makes really clear optics (not sure if they'll fit a Swarvoski tube though). Just something to consider.


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    Thanks for the help. I'm going to wait on the scope.

    Thanks Brice

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    Default And from a trusted source...

    Last year (?), Leupold announced that they were receiving some high end rifle scopes for repair - that weren't made by Leupold. The possibility of counterfeit optics makes me careful about dealing only with a trusted source.
    The references below include an eBay post for reducing the risk of getting a counterfeit Swarovski rifle or spotting scope.

    Good luck.


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