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Thread: Won't be Having Running Water nor a Flushable Commode.

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    Default Won't be Having Running Water nor a Flushable Commode.

    We'll be arriving at our little piece of Alaska at the end of April. Snow or Mud, who knows, who cares. Lived in both. Gravel, sand, loam, dirt... it will be our place to build our "Cabin in the North." Won't be having running water nor a flushable commode. Won't have the annoyance of teens refusing to get off the computers anymore. Will have to cut cord galore, haul water, empty buckets, live off what we have. Hunt, fish... dry, smoke, can... how awesome! Grow what little we can... maybe have a milk goat or two, raise a bunny or quite a few. Now, that's the way to live!

    Get off to town once, twice a month before stocking up for winters. The kids will walk to the bus stand a mile or so away for school. They'll have a chance to ponder while traveling the 30/40 miles before and after class.

    Sounds so familiar to the way I grew up and have lived before. I am so very excited to be doing it again.

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    Dogs, Coyotes, Wolves and Lynx just love rabbits! Moose will pull apart cages to get to the rabbit food.
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    Hey you have running water, put a bucket in the kid's hand's and tell them to start running for the water hole, at least that was the way it was explained to me when I was younger.

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    So do you have power at your new place? What part of the valley you building? I did the same when I came up along while back. I didn't get the electric in for about 14 years but I did get a well in after a few years. Pumped it by hand at first than with generator. It was nice having water on the property even if its outside. That's also something to consider as some years ago some people I know paid off their new 5 acres before they did a well and then they found out after 4 wells that they couldn't hit good water flow. Living without water for a while everyone should do that for a while, but if you want to ever build a nice place you need water. Good luck with your move!


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