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    Default New 3wt

    Just finished my new 3wt. Its a 7'9" Forecast 2 piece blank. Its a normal build, nothing fancy. Can wait to hit the upper Chena.

    This is the reel seat I turned.

    Reel seat installed.


    Stripping guide with single wrap trim.

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    Thumbs up

    beautiful looking rod
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    Nice work man, should do really well on some grayling. I had never heard of Forecast till recently. I had a Forecast 12.5' 7/8 wt four piece spey rod blank made into a float rod for my centerpin. Only used it for a week or so on the Upper Kenai last Sept, but love it. Very nice rod. Hope you have the same experience.

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    Well done! That's a beautiful rod.

    I'm looking forward to a pic or two of it in action this summer.
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    thanks guys. its a fun hobby and when you look at the cost of some of the new rods, its worth the time.
    I got the new Fish Alaska gear review issue last week and some of the rods where $700-$800! And reels in the $500 range! Give me a break. the fly fishing manufacturers are out of control on price IMO.
    I built this little 3wt for less than $50. The biggest expense with rod building is the initial overhead of the wrapper, reamers, and other misc. tools. Once that cost is out of the way, you can build Sage rods for 1/2 or less than the retail price of a new one, with better hardware in most cases. Sorry to rant.
    Thanks again. Can wait for the water to get soft again!

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    I have a 3 weight rod in 7' 6" length. It was inexpensive and the low cost allows me the luxury of not worrying about transporting it everywhere I go. When it's loaded up, that little sucker will cast as far as any rod I've used - plus it's a blast to fight fish with. If your experience is like mine, you will be tickled to fish with your little 3 weight rod. Tommy

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    Would that be a cabelas three forks rod. I have one of those too and love it.
    I've been thinking of trying the 8wt for reds. Those rods have a moderate action which is much better than the new super high modulous (translated brittle) graphite rods most manufactures are making.

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    Default Nice Ben

    As with everything I have seen you accomplish excellent work! I know you will enjoy it chasing those Grayling. Thanks for sharing! Great job and Great Photo.


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