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Thread: Carbon Express F-15 broadhead

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    Default Carbon Express F-15 broadhead

    I am thinking of buying some but first I would like to hear some reports. A few guys at my local bow shop have nothing but great things to say of the damage they cause on pigs. Mainly looking for a new boadhead for deer, bou, and elk. I will keep using the G5 montecs on pigs.

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    Default Broadheads

    CE makes good arrows, makes sense the broadheads are good too. I have not used them, as I use Magnus 125g 4Bl Buzzcuts. These fly like FP and are perfect for Caribou and Moose. Plus, they are guranteed for life. If you bend/brake them, just send them back and get new ones free, no questions asked.

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    Default F-15's

    I am using these, but haven't scored quite yet. But my experience so far is that they fly exactly like my field tips, are not particularly influenced by the wind and penetrate my target very well (hoping to penetrate some moose or caribou this year!).

    The two cutters are razer sharp, however the main blade could use some honing right out of the box.

    I am looking forward to hearing some other reports. Thanks for this tread


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