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Thread: guide or transporter in Noatak

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    Default guide or transporter in Noatak

    Does anyone know of a reliable river guide or transporter operating out of Noatak? My party is looking to be dropped off at our hunting area up the Eli river.

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    None exist. What your looking for would only be in Kotzebue.
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    Talk with Jim Kincaid at (Northwestern Aviation)

    or Jared at Hageland Aviation in Kotz

    These two guys can fly you into most anywhere in NW Alaska you want to go. Never been to the Eli, but I have done float trips flyfishing on three rivers above Kotz. PM if you have any general questions on the area. Done the Kugururok, Kelly, and Wulik. All were mid Aug to mid Sept.

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    Noatak is a small village of less than 400 folks. You will need to fly out of Kotz and lining up a flight service this late for a 2010 hunt will be next to impossible. The Eli is a good drop hunt spot but it gets hammered and can be very crowded. Lots of animals do go through there but it can be shoulder to shoulder. Float hunting is an option but the Eli can be a raft drag when the water is low.

    Shoot me a PM if you have any other questions.

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