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Thread: Wolves in the Hay Flats?

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    Default Wolves in the Hay Flats?

    So, word is that the Anchorage resident wolves hang out in the Palmer Hay flats. Has anyone actually seen them out there? As far as I can tell, they are open to hunting out there.....
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    Yes kind'a.......and yes, and remember they can an do easily cover 125 or more miles per day.

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    Anchorage wolves in the flats? Possibly, but with all of the moose and dogs and whatnot available in the Anchorage/Arctic Valley/Ft. Rich area, no real need to travel too far from the bowl or the military bases. Lots of good eats on them bases to chase around. In winter '03 I saw 5 cross the Glenn by the weigh station/machine gun range and head onto Ft. Rich's main post.
    I know that the Knik pack hits the flats now and again, and yes, they can be hunted if you see them. They also travel up and over to Eklutna lake (via Hunter creek) and around the point to the Matanuska river. They've also been tracked, and they've gone around towards Beach lake, where once in awhile, they'll head onto Ft. Rich and hunt.
    I know a guy in Palmer who winter trapped 3 out of the Knik a few years ago. One was a huge grey male, I mean huge! One of them 160 pounders or so! It's a full body mount in his home. I have seen a very few (2) and even shot one (last fall) off of the Matanuska river, but haven't personally seen them on the Hay flats. But I'm sure others have.

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    they are there.....did up a rug for guy who shot one out there....and skinned one out for a another guy who trapped one out there...that wolf only had three feet so someone had caught her before...they are out there
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