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    I have reservations for a couple of nights starting on Sunday and never received any information from the ranger district about how to get in. When we used to go to cabins like these in Michigan there was a key. Places in colorado were just left open/unlocked or had a combination lock. If anybody knows what I need to do to get in, that would be great. I would hate to ski up there and not be able to get in!


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    Default no key

    all you need is to find the cabin

    also, it is a good idea to bring a basic copy of your reservation in the case you need to boot out any squaters. they usually go peacefully, but i'd bring a copy just in case.

    also if it is possible, try to leave it better than you found it. some of the authorities free lance around the area and they may check it before your there and again after you leave.

    bring a good map and use a gps if you got one

    ..........some beautiful country at dale clemons'll love it

    and if your going before mid may, you may have to dig the snow out from in front of the door

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    I did make it up there just fine and had a wonderful trip with my wife and a couple of friends. My only gripe was with the snowmachines that all seemed to stop right next to my buddies machine all day long. Not a big deal, just would have preferred them to stop for a break one hill up, down, over, etc... Thanks for your response to my question!


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