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Thread: Kings & Cohos feeding on needlefish/sandeels?

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    Default Kings & Cohos feeding on needlefish/sandeels?

    Hey guys,

    I might doing a trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands for 2 weeks at the end of May/beginning June. I was told by someone that fishes the area that he just looks for the fish crashing the bait right out of the water (off the beaches) and thats when he knows the fish are around. He told me is a whole scene where the birds get in on it as well. If he does not see this, he does not blind-cast. During that time, its all saltwater beach fishing.

    He said he was successful from shore with jigs, like the stingsilda (I attached a pic).

    Anyways, I was just curious to know if any of you guys have ever encountered such a frenzy where the cohos or Kings were crashing bait in the saltwater?

    It might be more common in the SE. QCI is only about 100some miles south.

    What do you guys in the SE use in the salt from shore?

    Ive also attached a picture of the bait and was wondering if you guys thought this lure may work:

    Kind of a weird thread with some odd questions. Discuss.
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    Not odd questions at all. We used to race around Kodiak near town to find bait balls and throw needle fish jigs into the middle and let them fall out the bottom of the bait ball. The silvers would hit em like a train.
    We used to also drift and and use needle fish jigs for kings, if trolling wasn't producing. This was cool because you never knew when you would hook a halibut or yelloweye. I use them quite a bit for halibut in Cook Inlet now.

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    I've seen it in Kodiak, one of those great events in saltwater fly fishing, that I hope to run into more, when I can actually fish, and not just watch
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    I see bait balls boiling on the surface fairly often. Sometimes it's kings/coho's pushing the bait up, sometimes it's birds. I've seen schools of black bass do it too. A handful of times I've actually seen kings up on the surface crashing through the bait, but they are usually hanging under the bait ball and are very easily caught with a cut plug'd herring on a mooching rig. Never have caught them on needle fish jigging spoons, but I have a buddy who swears by them for everything that swims in the ocean.

    I often see cohos up on the surface feeding.. Usually in tide rips or along kelp lines. You can see them "finning" and can catch them easily.


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