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    So I recently upgrade and got Vortex Razor binoculars and I thought all was good in my world. A friend at work wanted to compare them to his Zen- Rays 10X43 ED2 with HD and ED lenses.

    Most of Monster Mulies people were talking about these being the 2nd coming with Euro Glass for 400 dollars. I am always skeptical so we did a side by side and all I could say was holy crap. The Zen ED'S were at least twice the glass of my Vortex with a life time warranty. To take if further, he also had a pair of leica and their was no Difference between them and the Zens.

    I was so impressed I sent back my Razors and today just got a new Pair of the Zen Ray 10X43 ED2. Monster Mulies people were right...2K optical performance, Lifetime warranty, all for 424.00.

    I am so impressed that I am willing to let anyone on here compare them at anytime, just let me know. I AM NOT SAYING THEY ARE BETTER THAN SWARO, BUT THEY AT LEAST TO MY EYE ON EQUIVILANT.
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    I may have to order up the wife a set


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