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Thread: Mountain Hunting Question

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    Default Mountain Hunting Question

    Do you sheephunters Hunt with your rifle scopes on the highest power of magnification, mid-range or lowest power? and why? lets say for the average yardage of 200-350 yds....Was told high power was for 500 yards or more, now its got me thinking/or confused....

    Scope example: 3-10X42

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    Default Low power in the brush.

    You know what's up. Don't second guess yourself.
    Keep it turned down until you are above tree line and then set it where you have sighted it in at.

    Some like magnification and some don't. Go with what works for you.

    Best of luck on the draw and on season prep.


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    Low power for me all the time until more is needed. I am fighting with what to do w/ this new fangled leupy B&C reticle. According to the manufacturer the scope has certain powers where the range estimating hold-over marks are accurate. In my case it is max (8x) so I may just roll it up to max if I expect a 300+ yard shot and just freak out trying to change it if I come over a spine and run head on into a ram at 30yds!

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    I would say that is one of the disadvantages of the balistic type scopes is that you have to have it all the way on high power to use the reticle ranging part. I personally hunt at 4x because that is what I am used to on my 10/22. So if I have to make a quick shot or on the move shot it basically an instinct. If I have time to "set up my shot" then I will increase the the x as needed for view to be similar to 4x as possible. So maybe that's how I would use on e of those ballistic scopes. Start it at low x and use it like a regular reticle and then if you have time/need to range you turn it all the way up

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuJon View Post
    Low power for me all the time until more is needed.



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