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    Any one have any experience going into Copper lake? It is south of Tok, in the Wrangell-St Elias park. Supposed to be large lakers in there. I am thinking about taking a long snowmachine ride into that lake. There are places to stay on the lake. Anyone ever done this trip? Success?

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    yes im going proberly end of the month, the burbot and lake trout is good fishing there, theres some nice size fish in this lake if someone knows how to fish this lake its very large. its bout a 30 mile trip with snowmchine

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    Thanks Wesak81. Can you send me an email at I have a couple more questions.


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    It all depends on the weather. If the weather is bad, go to jack lake, about a mile away from the lodge.It's smaller but has good burbot and laker fishing. I caught an 8 puond laker from there, and A LOT of burbot. I've been there twice and still havent been to copper lake. The lodge owners say that there are BIG fish in there, they know the lake well.

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    I would recommend talking to the nice people at sportsmans paradise lodge. They have cabins on the lake that you may be able to rent


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