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    I am wanting to repower to a 75-90 hp fourstroke. I have a 2003 honda four with less than 300 hours. I just need a little more power for those times I have four adults in my boat. I have a 18' Alumaweld Stryker. If anyone has a used 75-90 fourstroke or is looking for a 50 Honda let me know. The honda is still on my boat and I always service the motor and lower unit oil every year.
    Anyone have any thoughts on the 75-90 hp. I think I will stick with honda due to my 50 always running perfect.
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    drop down on the prop pitch.cheaper than a new motor...

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    I upgraded my 2003 Jetcraft originally powered with a 50 to a 90 Honda. The added HP increased all around performance going from 24 MPH WOT to 38 MPH WOT. Gave me piece of mind in following seas situations. I sold it last year and got a bigger boat and went with Yamaha motors. I like my hondas, I LOVE my Yamaha's. Much smoother and easier to start IMO.

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    I would agree with Chico but have a few different reasons. Here's my experience with three motors we use for work in remote Alaska.

    Etec 40hp - One heck of a strong motor. Has a TON more power than any of the other motor in its hp class. Great on fuel and quiet. Problem is, they are pretty particular on having good gas and being taken care of. Also, they need two stroke oil but tey are also the cleanest burning motor of the three. They wigh a ton compared to the other motors. 250lbs without piston assisted tilt or electric start. This is for a very basic 40hp motor.

    Honda 40hp - Great motor. Good on gas, quiet, never had a problem in 4 years of of operation, average weight...I think 212lbs. This includes piston assisted tilt, electric start. Honda's are great motors and very reliable. Problem is, its a dog for its class. Its by far the slowest and has the least guts off the three.

    Yamaha 40hp - Another great motor. Has pretty good power, good on gas, and quiet. Reliable and has a great reputation up north. I would have to bet its the most popular and highly thought of 4-stroker in the state of AK. It isn't the most powerful of the 40hp motors, but still strong. It is as good on gas as the Honda, weighs less at just under 200lbs (this is with piston assisted tilt but no electric start), has been reliable in 2 seasons of hard use in remote alaska.

    So overall, I would say the Yamaha takes the cake. It has better power than the honda, good on fuel, light and reliable. The Etec has a soft spot for me as its a power house but it can be tempermental. The honda has reliablility but I always walk away dissappointed because of its lack of power. That being said, nothing knocking Honda, I have a 150hp on my ocean boat with a 8hp kicker. They are great motors, but once again, the 150hp is a dog. The same boat with Yamaha's do better and are about the same on gas and reliability is really no different.

    Keep in mind here we run these motors hard in our field site. They get used by folks who know nothing about taking care of boats, how to drive them, etc, etc. They also have crappy gas run through them as we get end of the winter gas that has tons of water and crap in it. Overall, they get worked very hard, haul heavy loads, get lots of hours. But they aren't run like your typical fishing boat.

    Just thought you want to know. Good luck in your search.


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