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Thread: Bibler Tents and Serious Moisture?

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    Default Bibler Tents and Serious Moisture?

    I have always used Bibler for all my winter mountaineering. I use a Black Diamond Lighthouse when weight matters and it's not going to snow much. I like the single wall interior pole designs of these tents but I did have some issues with the Black Diamond perspiring and getting pretty wet inside. I sent it back and they sent me a new one right away with no questions asked. I am still very happy with the tent. Anyway, I am thinking about getting another bigger Bibler for river trips. Do they do well in really wet environments? The Bombshelter looks pretty sweet!

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    Never used a Bibler, but I use a Black Diamond Guiding Light on all float trips. For being "wet" I assume you mean from condensation. But for rain, it is 100% waterproof after seamsealing. Been in driving rain on a SW float, dry as a bone. Great wind resistant design for my arctic float trips as well. For condensation, yeah, I noticed that. But when I vented properly at night, the problem went away. For me in our weather, low in the 20-30 range, it took about a 1.5"-2" opening on both doors up top to prevent the moisture build up on the interior walls. Never had a problem after that. So yes, I can see your issue to a point, but also consider properly venting a tent to be a quick solution.
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    I'm another that hasn't used Bibler before but who is about to take the plunge. I was going to buy a Black Diamond Light Saber bivy, but after reading a lot of reviews I'm going to spend the extra $80 and deal with the extra pound to carry the Bibler Tripod bivy instead.

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    best tent I've used in moist shouldn't have any puddling inside...lived in mine one summer, over 600 river miles and 60 days without issue....that was 9 years ago and I still have/use the tent

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    I like the Mega Light over a waterproof bivy, guaranteed moisture in your sack in the waterproof bivys, no question. There isnt a waterproof material out there that will let the vapor pass fast enough without trapping condensation. Not to mention plenty of room for the rest of your kit to stay dry in the ML, nearly the same weight to boot. They're tougher than they look and super versatile. Add a light weight stove down the road for cushy family accommodations or pitch in the snow and dig out for sweet winter housing. With the bivy you get a damp bag and a bivy. Give the floorless a second thought, I think you'll like it.

    Benjy, I dont think its a coinkydink the cover shot on the BD tent page shows a guy drying his bag on the tent, a small single wall is going to have a bit of condensation. I cant speak for the bombshelter but a lot of guys around here have used them and love them.

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    I use the Black Diamond Mirage and really like it. It is not only bomber but pretty light weight. It is a double wall tent and has seen me through some pretty crappy stuff. Not sure I would want to use it in the snow since it has a lot of bug mesh that cannot be closed off. That is a bennie in terms of weight and ventilation though.

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    I use a 3 person Black Diamond Mesa and have no problems with moisture/condensation/rain. Have weathered torrential downpours in Cordova and non-stop rain in Kauai. Could be a little sturdier in the wind, but it's a pretty lightweight tent. I think you don't have to seamseal Black Diamond tents anymore, but you do with Bibler.

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    The wind I had problems with was probably 50+ mph in a stupid strong storm in Cordova. Now that I think about it, the problem was mostly just the stakes pulling out in the mud and wind. Probably not the tent's fault.


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