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Thread: Fur sealing question

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    Default Fur sealing question

    When someone lives in a remote village such as Chignik Lake what is the likely hood that a local will have a fur sealing authorization? How do you remote off the road or away from a any traditional transportation system fur takers handle the fur sealing requirements?

    Would the Trooper make a monthly trip to the village to seal furs?

    In unit 9 wolf furs have to be sealed within 30 days of being taken. I imagine the flights to King Salmon are not cheap and it would take a lot of hides to pay for the flight.

    I am thinking that there is not an economic incentive to take wolves in this area.

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    Default Remote Fur Sealing

    Great questions Ray, I'll try to lay out some options for folks wanting to trap or hunt fur.

    ADF&G has a "Temporary Sealing Form" that allows a trapper or hunter to send their hides to a sealing location with someone else. The trapper or hunter fills out the form and signs it (forms available online), then sends it and his fur into town with a friend to be sealed.

    Another option is for a trapper or hunter to become a ADF&G sealer themselves. This is a fairly simple and inexpensive process and the Department promotes having remote sealers.
    Each region has a sealing officer you may contact to set this up. For Region 2, contact Chase Korsmo at the Anchorage Fish and Game Office (907)267-2137.

    A third option for a trapper or hunter who finds himself unable to meet a fur sealing deadline would be to call the local Fish and Game Area Biologist. The Biologist will ask for some basic harvest information and give the person a extension. These request are rarely refused and promotes a good working relationship between the Department and remote users. Hope this helps.

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    Chase has been a pleasure to work with and being able to seal my own fur is a huge time saver for me. It beats loading it all up and hauling it to town in hopes that someone is in the office that can seal. I can seal on my schedule. In some regions at least here the local bio will gladly fly out to the village and tag fur if someone calls and lets him know they need it
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    The dept tries to have a sealer in each village. That person usually handles license sales and tags also.
    Furbuyers are usually sealers as well. There's plenty of economic incentive to harvest wolves.
    Of course, many of the wolves harvested in rual Ak. end up on parkas with never having been sealed.
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