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Thread: Which sawmill?

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    Default Which sawmill?

    I am looking at getting a sawmill to build a cabin and use for various other projects out at the cabin. I have looked at the wood-mizer, lucas, logosol, Alaskan MKII. There are so many options out there. Anyone with experience on a mill they really liked? I am looking at a portable but also looking at the chainsaw mills. I have some time to research but there seems to be way to many options on mills out there!
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    I've been thinking about building my own chainsaw mill; basically, it would consist of a c-clamp welded to a piece of channel which would run on a 2x6 for an edger, and two pieces of allthread run through the saw bar into a 2x4 rail that runs on a 20' extension ladder section for the mill. Don't have any drawings yet, but if you're familiar with chainmills you can sort of visualize it. You could run the edger around three sides for a cant, and then adjust a few nuts up or down on the allthread for board thickness. Probably be faster with two saws. I've been told that without a ripping chain and at least a 75cc saw, don't even try it.
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    My grandfather purchased a woodmizer LT 40 HD back in 1991. I did a lot of cutting of fence posts and boards for around the ranch with that machine. Great sawmill and didn't have any problems with it but also didn't put the hours on it like some guys do. At the time he purchased the mill he bought the blade sharpening equipment with it and like 5 boxes of blades and I think he only went through two boxes of blades. He also said if he had it to do over he wouldn't have bought the sharpening equipment and just sent the blades back to them to sharpen. My uncle has all the stuff now. One thing nice about that model is one guy could run it by himself. Just roll the log next to the mill with a pevy and the hydralics picked the log up and turned it for you on the mill.

    Don't know if any of that information helps. That mill I believe would cut up to a 21 ft log and can't remember how wide but it took every big Ponderosa Pine tree we gave it.

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    I would think the woodmizer, or the timberking would be the way to go.

    I believe they both have a good resale value to them.

    I kinda like the timberking, just because it so portabale. then you could go with the portabale well driller for water, then you would have to use mussel for the septic. ( unless you can afford one of these its a thought)

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    Woodmizer or Cooks if you want a small band mill and D&D Doublecut if you want a fast little circle mill. I spent the hardest month of work in my life running a chain mill boxing spruce logs one day, I was wondering if an adz would be less work before very long. I built a bandmill and by the time I was done I wished I had just paid for one, it nickel and dimed me to $5K and is about like the LT15 that I could have had for $5400 at the time.

    Edit: Timberkings are also good, I ran one in Arizona and liked it. Also if you can get your hands on an old Mobil Dimensional mill they are the cats meow, great mill!
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