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Thread: Caveat Emptor- Buyer Beware

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    Exclamation Caveat Emptor- Buyer Beware

    As puppy season rolls around, just a reminder that if you are paying $800 (or any amount for that matter) for a puppy, the sire and dam of the pup should have ALL of the appropriate clearances....not just hips.

    Buyer should request to see copies of the following clearances and not just hear from the breeder "Yes, they have all of their clearances." The clearances should be from the breeding pair and not the grandsires/grand dams.

    OFA Hips and Elbows
    CNM- Centronuclear Myopathy
    EIC- Exercise Induced Collapse

    The genes for the last 2 genetic conditions are very much alive and well in several labs I know.

    Also nice to see RD and Cardio, but I'm not calling those necessary if the sire and dam are working dogs.
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    Good post LFL!

    With Chesapeakes, CNM hasn't shown up (yet) to my knowledge, but there's now a genetic test for DM (Degenerative myelopathy). There's also a genetic test for PRA done by Optigen.

    If you think the tests/health clearances aren't necessary, look at the videos of affected dogs on youtube or elsewhere. It's absolutely heartbreaking and these problems are nothing to blow off, or shove under the rug.



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