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Thread: An opportunity.....

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    Default An opportunity.....

    The US Department of Education has a solicitation out for 27 Military/Police spec 870's.

    Interisting enough these new guns have to be compatible with the Departments 870s in its current armory inventory.

    Ummm....are they expecting trouble?

    I guess when the Bush admin gave other non DOJ departments law enforcement duties (EPA all of a sudden had armed cops) everyone gunned up, even the school teachers.

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    Every teacher needs a class three shotgun. I can see the new fad now.Building guns to look like teacher guns. Don't you just know a third grade teacher Mrs.Johnson accessory rail with grading pen will be the cats meow.

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    We get keelhauled if we bring anything that could be considered a weapon to schools. I think Assistant Superintendents and Superintendents can have guns.
    However, Teachers can't pack no matter what. These are state employment policies not federal law. I can tell you I had one good principal give me two days off to kill a nuisance black bear that was bothering her administrative assistant. I could take rifles or handguns on school trips in the bush but nobody ever took me to the cleaners over it. No way I would do that in town.

    I think we are pretty safe from DOE storm troopers in Alaska. They are going to some kind of lockstep Curriculum in the Lower 48. Sarah pulled us out of that crap. People can say what they want about her but she was definitely smart about refusing to impose regulations and federal control over Alaskan Public Education.

    I think that the general affairs of many of the schools going belly up and closing has DOE worried that Financial officers and business managers may try to take the money and run.

    The other thing is that there are few things on this planet more imposing than a 30 year Veteran Kindergarten teacher- in many ways they are as tough as a Navy Seal.


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    Things sure have changed in the last twenty years....When I started HS up here it was just plain normal for a kid or teacher to have a .22 or a .410 behind the seat of their truck for bagging grouse or rabbits on the way to or from school.

    Then the first big school-shooting happened, policies changed quickly, and a good friend of mine was expelled for having a .22 in his truck on school property. What ever happened to the days when kids were taught gun-safety before drivers-Ed, and a fist-fight was handled by talking it over with both kids in the principals office, just to make sure it was all-over? Detention instead of being thrown out of school was the norm.

    I guess we live in a different world now, it makes me sad to think that my kids will grow-up in a society where they have to worry about being expelled for defending themselves from a bully, and hunting is considered a savage activity by most educators.

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    Default Tipping Point???

    I think we have passed the tipping point in our population where we can make common sense rules and laws perhaps?
    I work for a large college and a co-worker brought a antique muzzle-loader barrel in a couple years back to clean up in the shop after hours - he ended up getting a 5 day suspension without pay for having a "weapon" on campus.
    Many Chicago schools do not allow parents or students to attend basketball games because of the shootings that occur after these games from rival schools, I have a good friend that is a security officer there.
    I grew up in a small town and we took our guns in our trucks to school during hunting season and went out after school countless times. It's such a shame that youth have all that pent up energy to burn someplace and these large cities offer so little for them to do that's not trouble. Hunting and fishing may have got us muddy, bloody, and a few stitches, but it was sure a good way to grow up and see the world through different eyes.
    I feel sorry for the future kids for sure....

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    Default Sad State of Affairs

    I was actually in high school in Colorado during the Columbine disaster, albeit in a rural area. Before that we had been allowed to have guns in our vehicles as long as they were unloaded and locked. Afterwards there was the usual panic before sense prevailed. The new rules were no firearms at school, but you could park your rig across the street off school property and you were fine. We also went to a rule, after much screaming by ranching and farming parents, that knives could still be carried but had to have blades 3.5" or shorter. Now it seems if you are caught within 100 yards of most Lower 48 schools with a ballpoint pen and nailclippers it is grounds for immediate execution.

    I have a whole rant about our parents, kids and society as a whole, but I don't have the time to put it all down nor am I articulate enough to get my points across succinctly.

    I for one feel that there could be worse things than a teacher with a nicely accessorized 870 loaded with 00 buck who knows how to use it.


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