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Temps fill this past weekend and continued to be cold this week. High temps on Tuesday and Wednesday were in the high single digits. Overnight temps dipped to single negatives.

Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

6" of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Trail Conditions:

Trails took a beating this past weekend, but the 6 inches of snow sure helped out in the lower end of the Yentna River and the Susitna River. There is a second hole on the Susitna River down from the first open lead that has been around all season. Larry H. has rerouted the trail around the second hole, however some still are continuing to go near it. Some major windblow areas up north and yesterday a few guys had to break trail across the Tal shortcut to Luce's. Unfortunately many stakes have been mowed down by snowmachiners in the past few weeks. This presents a safety hazard and also ruins the experience for others. If you see others riding down stakes please let us know. Try to get their machine registration number and/or pictures. This is starting to become ridiculous. Hundreds of hours go into trying to maintain the trails and it is ruined in a few minutes by guys that don't care. As a community we have to police this and hold these guys responsible.

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