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    For all those that follow the Iron Dog and those that don't...the start is about one month away. An incredible amount of teams have signed up for the race this year.....29 pro class teams and 16 trail class riders. That's 74 Iron Dog participants!

    Iron Dog has been working on making the race more "spectator" friendly. The addition of the "blog" and GPS tracking on the website last year greatly improved the distribution of race information to the public. You can visit the Iron Dog website at

    This year the website also has "Featured Team" articles. These articles give you an in-debth look at some of the teams competing in the race, from rookies to veterans.

    Nome is the halfway point and we will once again be holding a halfway banquet for the public to attend. The banquet features, "tales from the trail", a slideshow, halfway awards, and free food! Come on up!

    Lahka Peacock
    Nome Iron Dog volunteer

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    Default McGrath

    I have to make a trip to McGrath in Feb. If I planned my trip for the week of the 12th would I have a good chance of seeing the riders go through?

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    99.9% of the time the racers will arrive in McGrath the evening of the this case Feb. 11th. They will leave the next morning around 10:00am. These are the very best teams. Many of the other teams will continue to roll in there on throughout the 12th. So, if you were to arrive there on the 12th (before 10:00am), you may see a few of the top teams departing and see many of the other teams as they roll in and depart.


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