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Thread: $ 20.00 home made brass vibrating bath

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    Default $ 20.00 home made brass vibrating bath

    Here's what works for me.

    All parts were purchased at local second hand store.

    used foot massager "foot fixer" - $ 10.00
    timer - $ 6.00
    rubber bungee straps - $ 4.00

    Total (less media) $ 20.00

    Unit should produce vibrating action only.
    disconnect heater on foot bath unit to prevent
    possibility of overheating.

    Use with dry, untreated corn cob media (Lyman)
    Vibrate time should be @ 4 hours depending on
    how dirty brass is, etc.
    Experiment with media to brass ratio to get best results.

    See attachments. (Hope I got them all attached so you can view)
    If you have further questions, please post.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 100_0611.jpg   100_0615.jpg  

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    that's pretty cool...never would have thought of it...where were you when I bought my tumbler? Thanks for sharing the idea.

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    Looks like a vibrating kitty litter box. Cool idea....

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    Default Brass cleaner


    Yeah, it does kinda look look like it, now that you mention it, LOL

    When my unit is running you can put your down close to it and the
    vibrating media sounds like a den of rattle snakes. The brass floats around, rises and disappears as the cleaning runs it,s course.
    After @ 4 hours, comes out like factory.

    I have only used dry corn cob media, but a buddy of mine tried crushed walnut media in his. It didn't do diddly.


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    If I didn't already own an RCBS, I'd be following in your path. The walnut shell works great in that.

    One thing- What do you use for a cover when you're not using it. With that open version sitting around, I have no doubt my cat would decorate it, speaking of its resemblance to a kitty litter box!

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    Default Cat proof cover for brass cleaner

    What do you use for a cover when you're not using it. With that open version sitting around, I have no doubt my cat would decorate it, speaking of its resemblance to a kitty litter box![/quote]


    Look again at the picture, notice the cloth on top?
    It's trapped under the bungee so it can be draped over the opening.

    Mine sits in my garage, and I caught the neighbor's cat in it one day just starting to kneed around in the media, sizing up a spot for himself. I squirted a little turpentine on his butt and he passed a motorcycle going up the hill past my place. I figure he was doin' about 90 mph when he crested the hill. Haven't seen that cat since.


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    WAT ? $20.00 ????? Who can afford that?

    I just use a dab of water based brass cleaner, onna rag. I usually do only the necks anyway.

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    What with the high cost of shipping these days and the fact that Alaska produces no corn for corn cob media. No walnut trees for media. All of the used media ends up being thrown out or at best burnt. More ordered at high cost to purchase and ship.

    I decided long ago, to do a one time buy on ceramic media. I bought different sizes of this media, and a couple of gallons of concentrated liquid detergent.

    Needless to say the cleaning job done this way far surpasses all other cleaning methods and media I had used in the pass. I have no idea how many years before I have to get more detergent?

    This foot bath vibrator is perfect for this job.

    I post this in the interest some of us who might want to save a buck or two and do a better job of cleaning dirty brass.
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