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Thread: Granite Tors in WInter?

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    Default Granite Tors in WInter?

    Anyone hike Granite Tors lately? I"m thinking about going up on Saturday and I wondered what the trail/mountain conditions looked like. Any other suggestions for a 10 mile + on Saturday morning? Thanks all!

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    Haven't been to Granite Tors lately but another suggestion would be an out and back trip on the summit trail in the white mountains.

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    Default Other side of the valley

    I was up on the other side of the valley a few weeks ago and there was about a foot of snow. The walking was ok but a pair of skis or or good snowshoes would have make it a little better. Watch out for overflow its bad in places this year.
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    Let us know how Granite Tors went this weekend. I'd really like to consider going next weekend.

    I have ran Granite Tors in the summer for training and I did my first hike on it Mother's Day 2007, but I have still yet to do the full loop.

    I agree that you'll definitely need snowshoes up there this time of year and the trail might not be completely marked because signs might be buried in the snow.

    Be sure to take your GPS and track where you are at if you decide to go.

    If you don't end up doing Granite Tors, I'd suggest doing Pinnell Mountain Trail in the White Mountains. You could also consider doing Chena Dome or even Wickersham Dome. If you want to stay closer into town, the Ester Dome route is a great one, too. That's pretty easy because it's right off of Sheep Creek Rd or Goldstream Rd depending on what you would like to do.

    If you didn't end up going at all, I'd suggest making the investment in the book Outside in the Interior by Kyle Joly. It will give you suggestions for routes and lists a full route of hikes and climbs from Fairbanks to Delta Junction and then some.

    I hope that helps!


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