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Thread: THE Andrew Airways letter thread...

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    Default THE Andrew Airways letter thread...

    So I figured I would post this to save others the heartache. It appears Andrew Airways has sent out an introductory letter congratulating you on your recent (2010) successful permit draw. Apparently, these letters are based on last years drawing results and not this years and they were sent out by mistake. Bummer. On one hand it was awesome because I was convinced I had drawn a Kodiak bear tag. I was about to call my bro and gloat but figured I should check with adfg first. That was fruitless which lead to the forum and the information contained here about the truth to this letter. Now I am in depression as I realized I have another month to go before we see the official results.

    This isn't an Andrew's Air bashing thread but rather a ball busting thread in good humor. Everyone makes mistakes and their service rocks. But come on, don't mess with the draw when we are already on edge!

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    I feel sorry for the heartake,but will say I wiil not personally fly out in Kodiak with any other outfiter our recomend any one exept Andrew Air from past expierinces,you can't blame them for trying to fill there open slots in this tough economy we find are selfs in this year.I've got to say,after reading the recent posts, I was hoping for my letter just like you were(

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    Dang, I got two of those letters and was thinking things were looking good for Kodiak Goat this year. I don't know why I got two other than I drew Kodiak Goat two years in a row, or I put in for a party permit with my brother and we will be issued two tags. Talk about getting hopes up and realizing the waiting game continues.

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    Default Mistake?

    I am wondering if this was a mistake. The only results out are for non-residents. Many residents including myself received one of these letters.
    I just can't see them sending out more letters than there are results and someone not catching it.Makes me wonder about the outfit.
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    There's absolutley nothing wrong with the outfit (although I used Seahawk). Someone probably was misinformed and hope to get a jump on the season. It happens.

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    Frankly I'll not be suprised at all to hear that at least a few guys have gone out and slit their wrists, when they found out it was all a hoax.
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