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Thread: Looking to trade powder-

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    Default Looking to trade powder-

    Mods, I hope this thread is OK-

    I have a brand new can of AA#9 on hand and I have been looking for some Hodgdon Lil Gun to try instead. I am looking for a powder to use with both my .44mag (4 5/8" bbl) and 454 casull (16" bbl). I have used 110 and 296 and they were fine, a little dirty, but I really want to try the Lil Gun. The AA#9 just doesnt work that well with bullets heavier than 250 or so grains, and I have some heavyweights to try with both the 44 and 454. I have heard very good things about it.

    If anyone would like to trade or has some Lil Gun they would sell PM me- THANKS!

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    Default Lil'Gun

    I have a new can, pm sent.
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