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Thread: Kings for a rookie

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    Default Kings for a rookie

    I haven't spent any time on the fishing thread but I really need some help and advice. Some here may recall that Im taking my daughter on a halibut/bear trip on the 5th-11th of june out of Homer. She loves to fish and hunt. Anyway, I didn't want to let this opportunity pass without chasing and trying salmon fishing. I extended our trip to allow us to take our time taking care of our game and try the kings. I am already spending WAY to much money and need some advice on where and how to try my hand at some kings.

    There has been one gracious off to take us out for a day that I'm looking forward to. We'll have about 10 days to try. So I need some input and advice about where and how to go about catching some mosters. I think that I might be able to swing a guide for one day but that will be it. Any and all input and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    On another note does anyone have a recommnedation as to what and where I could find the cheapest car rental?

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    Can't help you on the Kings,, But we rent from Midnight sun in Anc. quite a bit.
    They are by far the cheapest, I think its around 450.00 per week for a four door PU.
    They are kind of clunkers,, We had a transmission go out one year but they delivered us another one within a few hours.
    They are one of the only ones that will take a rider from your own insurance company.
    Also i have rented 16" Uhaul vans several times 20.00 per day plus milage, sometimes they charge for mileage and somtimes not.Makes for a pretty good motorhome if you have your own camping gear..


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