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    Does anyone know where to fish on lake Louise or Susitina lake? I've herd of people fishing around the Islands near the lodge. I've tried in a few spots on both lakes in various depths and got skunked! Any help would be nice, thanks.

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    fishing is REALLY slow there right now.

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    How do you find lake trout? I just can't find them. I have only caught one laker through the ice, and it was on a sandy flat. But I've herd bluffs and pionts are good places too.

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    structure is key.....narrow, deep channels surrounded by shallower flats, humps, shelves, and dropoffs, especially dropoffs near shallow water where bait fish may congregate. such as shoals near the islands....ill give you one productive spot that i know of, where ive done okay sometimes and got skunked most times....the south side of bird island (starting from the public boat launch at the end of LL road, head off towards the left as you leave that first bay, there is a long narrow, relatively tall island out there about 1.5 all around this island and ill bet youll catch a laker. dont drill within 50 yards of shore on either "tip" of the island as the water is very shallow and youll probly ruin your auger.

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    Sounds good, thanks for the info. I will go try to catch some lakers soon.

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    I will be headed out the 20th or so for a few days. Maybe I can get you started. I am not nearly as "lucky" as some, but I do know the lake pretty well. I heard that the Burbot are getting frisky.


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    I know of another really good place for lakers. I've only been there twice, but the fishimg is great. The place is called sportmans paradise lodge. They are located at mile 28 on the nabesna road. They have cabins on copper lake. I have seen pictures of BIG lakers from there. The logde owners are really nice. It's a good place to go. check out the link.

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    I have been fishing lake Louise for 20 years, the last 5 years I have been doing well fishing the top edge of a drop off that is about 12. The lakers seam to be coming up and feeding on the top edge of the shelf from early morning until about 10 am. I use a 1 oz silver or hammered gold crocodile lure topped with a piece of white fish. We have caught 2-34 and last year I caught a 38 27# laker and lots in the 28 to 30 range. You should have a 10 hole if you want to pull a large lake trout through the ice. I will not give up this spot but I have done well about a 1/2 mile out from the boat launch at the end of the road in about 15 of water and around most of the Islands. Susitna Lake can be good as well. Good luck!

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    Try fishing L****n Bay at the end of the road and the first Big Bay on your left as you head out on the lake. There is a ice shack out there, try fishing straight out in front of that shack. Fish 25-50ft of water.


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