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Thread: Earliest Halibut Off Deep Creek?

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    Default Earliest Halibut Off Deep Creek?

    Mine was several years ago on April 28th. What's your earliest 'but off Deep Creek or Anchor River?

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    May 1. Whiskey Gulch. And a saltwater King to boot.

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    The earliest for me is early April, never tried earlier.

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    Has anyone heard when the tractors are going to start launching this year at Deep Creek and the Anchor River? I imagine that will be when I get out for the first time this year. I've seen a few trucks dissapear under the water at Deep Creek years ago and don't think I want to chance that with my own truck.

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    Angry Sometime early, sometimes late

    Last year 7 charterboats went out first week of May (me included) and no one got a Halibut, the herring had not started to move up the inlet. I have done very well during the same time period in years past.

    Deep creek tractor launch opens May 1.
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    While we are talking about the tractor launch's, do you prefer the Anchor River or Deep Creek tractor launches and why? Not looking for any "bad mouthing" about either. I have only used the Deep Creek tractor and that was 5-7 years ago or so. Gotta get back out there this year.

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    As far as which tractor launch that I prefer it just depends on the area that I want to fish that day. Both areas have times when either the king salmon or the halibut bite seems to be a little better than the other area or there is a hole that I want to check out that day. Just makes sense to use the closest launch as it saves time, money, and the safety card also comes into play.


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