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Thread: Reds at the Kasilof

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    Default Reds at the Kasilof

    I was up last summer and did well at the Kenai. I kept thinking about the Kasilof as the limit was higher. I asked aroud a bit and everyone told me the Kenai was good. Any one here fish the Kasilof for reds? What is the difference between the Kenai and Kasilof for fishing reds? Thanks!

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    About two pounds.

    Kasilof reds are smaller. It seems to me that they have a lower fat content maybe too. Kenai reds taste better to me, but my Kasilof fish smoke better if that makes any sense. So for a fresh red I'd rather have a Kenai one. Maybe other people are like that?
    There are way more places to fish on the Kenai. Kasilof has the beach, and crooked creek. I know of a couple other spots, but its not that long of a river. Drift boat people do well from what I know. So access is most likely the real reason.

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    They also don't hug the steep drop banks in many of the accessible areas as much as they do in the Kenai, thus snagging success is lower.

    Because the river is short, by the time the public finds out about the sonar count ... those fish are in the lake as well.

    For those that put in the time to scout their spots well though .... u can do fine.


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