i drive an '04 f150 super crew. i figured it might take 6 or 7 fill ups of fuel from anchorage to seattle.

does anyone know the gas prices in the yukon and BC? in 3 weeks, i should get my passport card once i submit the app. i'm thinking the cost of gas might be 4.50? all the way down? going to use my debit card for everything. my figuring for (gas only) might run between 550.00 & 700.00 i'm thinking 15 mpg. not in a hurry and will be leaving in April, should i decide to go.

anyone else kind of close on their gas totals down to wa? i heard it's better to take the dawson hwy. more safe, more stations, lodging. i plan to lodge maybe once. if anyone knows of a decent motel, please chime in with any tips. Thanks, very much appreciated.