As stated, going to Karta, don't know a thing about it. An impulsive move, not my normal method of planning a trip to Alaska. Kind of a last minute thing in response to getting some time off work unexpectedly. Never been to SE Alaska, never seen a steelhead, never seen a cutt. Sad, eh? Time to do something about it.

Was looking at some other options, too much time waiting on emails to be answered, flights were overnight in some cases (both ways from east coast), trip timing was off for some, etc.. So we have settled on the Karta and I just booked the cabin by the sea.

We will be flyfishing. Heard there may be a few small steelhead there if you time it right and hold your tongue a certain way. Maybe some other smaller trout. A few tiny dollies here and there. Not sure what to expect for my trip timing. Anyone willing to help the tard? If so, please shoot me a PM.

I would benefit from someone throwing me a line...

Thanks for any thoughts