Spent the entire weekend out at Kenny Creek and played in some fresh new snow. Friday we were riding close to Kenny Creek when one rider in our group put his sled into a creek. We eventually had enough help to get it out but when he fired up his sled, it sucked in a bunch of water and died immediately. We pulled the plugs and cranked that baby over close to 40-50 times and got close to a half a gallon of water out of it. Got it running again and went back to the lodge.

Woke up Saturday morning with close to 8" of fresh new snow on the ground. Rode the Safari Lake trail and found a creekbed with over 3 feet of untouched snow in it. How could someone miss that??? We played around in there for close to 3 hours and wore ouselves out.

Went back again on Sunday to our spot and went a little further back in and found several untouched fields of snow that was in the 3'4 foot range. Epic snow that we thought we'd never find. We had so much fun out there my buddy and I are headed back again on Friday. The closer you get to the mountains out there the better the snow conditions are, and we didn't even get close to them.