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Thread: Crack noticed on Hammer.

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    Default Crack noticed on Hammer.

    I have a TC hawken in .45 and noticed a slight Hairline crack on the part that houses/cups over the nipple and cap. Is this a big deal or normal? if I have to replace where do I get a new hammer? Thanks Gurus of the front loader world. Jeff

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    Default Thompson Center

    Thompson Center has a lifetime warranty on their guns. You send it to them and they repair free of charge. One of the best warrantees in the industry.

    If you're a do it yourselfer, check out Eb*y, type in Thompson Center Hawken, and see all the parts for sale. You've got about a $25 dollar repair there.
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    Yup. TC's warranty is golden, and replacements are free. Call them first, then send the whole lock, rather than trying to take the hammer off. Turn around time is excellent.

    I sure wouldn't shoot it like it is!

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    Thanks fellows, that is what I will do.


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