Iíve been searching high and low for a 58 caliber Thompson Center Maxi-ball or Maxi-hunter bullet mold. Iíve been really stumped on this quest. I can find them in 50 and 54 calibers but not in the big 58 caliber. I can purchase the 58 caliber Maxiball and Maxihunter bullets through Cabelas but I prefer to cast my own. They are also costly at $20 per 15 bullets. The 58 Maxiball molds just donít seem to be out there.

Iíve got 58 cal in a round ball mold and several Mini-ball molds and even a Lee target mold in 58. But they all do not shoot as accurately as the 555 grain 58 caliber Maxiball.
Recently while researching via blog I ran into this web address of a company that manufactures custom bullet molds.
Peter Niess
Ballisti-Cast, Inc.

Ballisti-cast will build a Maxiball style mold in 58 caliber but there is a huge ďCustom Design ChargeĒ of $300 which I am not willing to pay for, on top of the fee of $115 to build the mold blocks. Company owner Peter Niess and I have been emailing back and forth about this ďCustom Design ChargeĒ fee. Peter has told me if I can find a few other people that would like to purchase the 58 Maxiball mold heíd build it if he could justify the production of multiple orders for the new mold to help off-set the machinery set-up costs?
So, my question to all you 58 caliber front stuffers out there: Is there any interest in purchasing a mold block for 58 Caliber Maxiballs?
Cost should be in the neighborhood of $115, plus the cost of handles if you needed them.
Give Peter a shout at the above contact info and send me a PM so I can stay on top of how many orders went to his company.