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    Default Wild Lake or river

    Hello... Would like to hear some info on hunting around the Wild Lake area. Is it a good area to hunt moose? Trying to get an idea about the area and what hunting opportunities there are. I would be interested in what game around the area there is to hunt. Looking into a first time Alaskan hunt so open to suggestions on what to hunt in the area. Would it be a better idea to float the wild river or camp around the lake and enjoy some fishing along with hunting the lake area? Any info would be appreciated. Just looking at having a good time and enjoying Alaska while having an opportunity to hunt also. Thanks!

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    Float hunted this river two years ago. Very tough, low water conditions. Last year, some friends did the same float, and had to drag, and patch their rafts alot. They did not enjoy the float. The year we went, the float plane folks did not even want to take us in because of all the poor water, and tough float. We did get moose on the trip, but had to pass on the largest one, because of low water, we could not get the meat out. Kind of a bummer. Pretty area though.

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    Smile Wild River Float

    This float is a good one and has contingency rivers all around it that offer a similar experience.

    Best way to do a float here is to know good seasonal timing and be familiar with weather/water conditions or trends.

    The Wild River is a late spring, summer to the first weeks of August run in most rafts, catarafts, canoes, and kayaks. It's a easy river in the area for beginner boaters, not too demanding, with simple logistics.

    That said, by the time Moose season rolls around come 1st 1/2 of September... it's small, shallow, little gradient for current, almost hike-able, and to many doin' the typical (toss in the Cabelas kitchen sink) raft trip 'unlikable'.

    A 5-7 day multi-mode trekking and float trip from July 1-15th is ideal timing. Also know there are specific boat choices and better trip planning that go into a September float to avoid the drag of extra work.


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