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Thread: ATEC Sockeye MV Jon boat

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    Default ATEC Sockeye MV Jon boat

    I'm considering getting a ATEC 1448 Sockeye Modified V Jon boat for dipnetting, Kenai River/Skilak Lake fishing and maybe Moose & Black Bear hunting. Anybody else have or been in one?

    I have a 2007 Yamaha F20 15" shaft (the boats HP rating is 30 HP). I think my motor should do fine with the boat lightly loaded and I'll buy a "dual thrust" prop as a spare and for use if I'm hauling a load.

    Does this make sense to you?

    Also, when reading boat specs I see that there are two different weight capacities. One is "weight capacity" and the other is "persons/weight capacity". Does this mean that the boat can handle a full load of passengers plus cargo at the weight capacity?

    i.e. (for this boat) person capacity/weight = 4/550 and weight cap. = 865. Does that mean I can have 4 people up to 550 lbs plus 865 lbs of cargo?

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    865 would be persons and gear. Re-read the placard to make sure it doesn`t also include the motor. Mine read w/outboard (Tracker).

    A 20 should do it for the most part...IMO it would be anemic with much gear.


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