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    Thinking about putting some panel mounted avionics in my cub. Any suggestions?
    I currently have a handheld comm plugged into a surface mounted antennae with a PTT, batt powered 2 place intercom, and a garmin 496.

    I traveled from L48 through Canada to Alaska and back with this set up. I have traveled all over the L48 in spray planes with no avionics and some with comm and transponder.

    I don't want to put in a bunch of extra weight or finicky electroncis, but would like to at least put in an intercom and some reliable basic equipment. I haven't had any problems traveling around the country, but I'm guessing it won't be getting any less restrictive in the future either.

    Main emphasis on quality, reliable and light weight, cost is secondary.

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    I have a Legend Cub that has a Garmin 496 installed. I really like it. The terrain features are very useful and the panel instruments update so fast you can easily fly by using them. I activate the weather function when I make my twice yearly trip to the lower 48 and have found it to be useful as well.

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    The 496 is a wonderful unit. I didn't have the xm weather on when I was up there in 07. How is coverage? It is invaluable when I am spraying.

    I was thinking
    Comm - a Garmin sl40 and link it to my 496

    I have a Cell Set unit I put in what ever I am flying that links my cell phone and aux tunes into my helmet

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    Default Here's my dash panel


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    I'd use the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid

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    So what is your equiment suggestion then?

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    Mine is super simple, here is one of my customers and my simple panel.
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    Thumbs up simple

    A good GPS and the minimum everthing else.

    A good friend of mine summed it up quite nicely "add less weight"

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    The 496 weather isn't available for Alaska. I only activate it when I am ready to go through BC and into the lower 48. I do wish it was available in Alaska but it is unlikely to be offered.


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