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Thread: canoeing the Susitna & Yentna

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    Default canoeing the Susitna & Yentna

    This summer I was wanting to take a trip down the Susitna and then up the Yentna. I was planning on launching at Deshka Landing and heading up to Skwentna. Has anyone else made such a journey or been canoeing on either river? I have spent a lot of time boating on the Yentna between the junction of the Skwentna and Yentna rivers and down to the Kahiltna River, but haven't been on the Susitna yet.
    I'm using a 17' sq. ended canoe with a 6 hp. motor.

    alaska bound

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    You shouldn't have a problem if your motor can push you upstream against the current. Water is fast but flat.


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