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Thread: Paramedic leads?

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    Question Paramedic leads?

    Okay seeking some help. I know this got posted before awhile ago, but Im trying to refresh and get new suggestions.

    Im trying to move to AK...fairbanks area due to my SO taking a perm assignment in Anderson/Clear area.

    Im a newly graduated Paramedic ..but without being an AK resident I cannot seem to get reciprocity as a MICP, working on that now. Im National hoping that helps!

    so..suggestions please on where to try for work? Ive struck out at Beacon (never got a call back...3 messages..) fairweather needs more experience than I have (Im a fresh grad - 3 months)willing to considure NorthSlope positions, or anything that drivable (would want to come home to Anderson/Clear) on weekends or such.

    so folks..where should I try? Nothing at Fairbanks Memorial or Pinacle or Banner so far...even low-level tech jobs.

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    The slope, Beacon, Fairweather, Doyon, and similar remote site Medic suppliers won't touch you until you get 5 years of field experience. If such places are your ultimate destination, then you'll want to also pick up as much clinical experience as you can in addition to emergency ambulance service.

    Call the fire department. They are pretty much your only option as a new paramedic.

    You'll need to apply to the state licensing board to get MICP. Your NREMT-P is fine, but you'll need documentation from your Paramedic school also.

    Get the needed forms and instructions here...
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