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Thread: Iditarod restart viewing points ?

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    Default Iditarod restart viewing points ?

    Can anyone tell me where Westgate Center parking lot is? It looks like its off the Deshka landing road? Also how far of a walk it would be to the Willow swamp from there to watch the race.

    Also thought about going to the landing & walking down the river & back up towards Corral Hills, however this looks like it could be a long walk.

    Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Do they still go down Long Lake and across Crystal Lake? If so, it would be a shorter hike to watch along one of these points.

    Or if you ski, it would be a quick trip down from the Deshka Landing, too.

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    Default They are on their way

    It was a great day in Willow yesterday at the Iditarod start. The Willow Trail Committee had done a fine job of keeping the trails in shape.
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