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Thread: Palmer Lions Gun Show this weekend

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    Default Palmer Lions Gun Show this weekend

    The gun show will be at Raven Hall at the Palmer Fairgrounds this weekend doors open at 10am. Oh Yeah i'll have a table with some of my wares available there. Come on by and say hello.

    Alaska Shrimp Pots

    Rigid & Folding Shrimp & Crab Pots
    Electra Dyne Pot Haulers
    Ropes, Buoys, Bait
    907 775 1692

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    Default Gun Show - FYI

    Quite a few vendors, seems like a fair sized crowd but not uncomfortable. All things gun and associated......knives, scopes, ammo, and free advice. I don't know jack about guns, but was curious about some of the older models and was able to learn a little from the vendors. If you think computer geeks speak a strange unintelligible secret language, try talking with a gun afficiondo. I was nodding my head but had little understanding into the world of grains, caliber, range, mechanisms, materials of construction, unique characteristics, scope types, loads.....sheesh. Greek to me, but the gun guys are into it in a big way from every angle. One of the vendors I visited had a pistol that was bigger than I ever imagined possible. I think if I had fired that thing it would have permanently damaged every joint in my arm from wrist to shoulder.

    I spoke with Potbuilder, I noticed that he seemed to be busy but had plenty of time to speak with me and everyone else that stopped at his booth. Steve had an instructional DVD of knots, "Animated Knots" (now I can practice that boot lace bow-tie thing, I'm going to get it right this time) and another emergency safety knife. He has expanded his product line, nice stuff, too. In my opinion, Steve's pot puller equipment and blocks, pot construction and materials are nothing short of top notch.....I wish my budget would intersect with my aspirations.

    Fishing gear? Not much more stuff than can be found at any multi-family garage sale.

    Value? Certainly worth the five bucks entry fee, especially if you have an interest in firearms or, like me, you're climbing walls and need to shake a little bit of cabin fever out of the joints.


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