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Thread: Who's going to the Iditarod starts? Who are you hoping to win?

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    Default Who's going to the Iditarod starts? Who are you hoping to win?

    Unless something goes crazy at the lodge, I will be at both starts of the Iditarod! Going to be a lot of fun.

    For our family pick's,
    Jen is rooting for Jessi Moyer and Jeff King. Both spent some time at our lodge.
    Bob is rooting for Aily Zirkle cause I think that 7 yr old boy thinks she's cute! (can't argue with him! And she left some food for our dog, Samson)
    I'm rooting for Kathy Fredriks, as she told me this was her dream to run it, and she came out to the lodge several times training and educated me about mushing which was cool!

    For who we expect to win:
    Jen thinks Lance Mackey
    I think Jeff King
    Bob thinks Jeff King.

    Of course, we hope they all do well, stay safe and have a good run! We know a good number of them, and they are all hard working, good people!

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    I think either Lance or Jeff will win. I hope Lance does though. He's simply easy to root for.
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