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Thread: Last chance, unit 22 Musk Ox.

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    Default Last chance, unit 22 Musk Ox.

    Registration Ox still open in 22C. Mature bulls still around.
    This opportunity will not exist next year. Season will be closed earlier. Lower quota. Hunters will have to get out first month of season. Shorter days.
    B&B's here in Nome with reasonable rates. Snowmobile rentals available. Excellent chance for bow hunters. Back haul rates very reasonable for getting meat home.
    Season closes Monday, Mar. 15 if quota isn't met.
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    IF I could I would, thanks for the heads up MT

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    Default ...

    Last I heard there is 4 remaining in the quota. Not sure since it's been a few days, but haven't heard of anyone hunting.

    I'll be talking with MT here in a bit and letting him know the location of recent success as there was another mature bull with the hog my buddy took. It isn't an easy access location, but is doable. Bring your pack frame.

    Next year will be MUCH more difficult to achieve any sort of success with a lower quota and local knowledge going out that first week.
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