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Thread: bug proof clothing?

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    Default bug proof clothing?

    Just wondering if anyone has found and uses any bug proof clothing for fishing. I've noticed some clothing at orvis and some others that is treated and said to last anywhere from 25 to 75 washes. I can't see doing that. Seem like a big waste of money and a gimick to boot. I had heard that some actually make some shirts that is woven so tight that the state bird can't bite through it. Any thoughts?

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    Default Original Bug Shirt...

    These are good. Bought ours in Wasilla - but that source is gone.

    Sold in Bethel, Copper Center... Copper Center's in the majors for skeeters:

    Pros: Skeeters can't get through the material -and it's entertaining to watch them try. Mesh stops them too. Cons: Gets warm in warm temps. Not cheap.

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    Picked up a bug jacket at the Muddy Rudder in Dillingham years ago, cost me $10 and I still use it! Just a light mesh jacket that slips over your shirt/coat and your head.

    I'm typically up there in September, so not sure if it would be too hot for June/July. But, it keeps the bugs out.


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