I pretty much stole a barreled mauser action in a beautiful myrtle wood stock from an old man who was never going to finish it. The rifle itself is getting put together, fixed and blued by a gunsmith and I'm considering what to do with the barrell. The stock is fitted VERY nicely to the barrell and action. It is not free floating or glass bedded, just very nicely fit. A relative of mine does hardwood turning, finishing and other stuff like that, as well as finishes his own rifles stocks and fixes dings and whatnot. He' going to help me finish the wood when its ready. My question is, is it possible to make the barrell free floating just by sanding the inside of the stock down? Will that ruin it? Is there a way to treat the wood that would keep it from swelling? Can you rub the finish on the inside of the stock or would that ruin accuracy? Is it possible to glass bed it my self? Whats the best way to go about here?