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Thread: Advice on side by side ATV/MTV

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    Good Day, My family and I live remote and use a 4 wheeler and 6 wheeler for hard work and ferrying supplies from the river to our home a mile away. The trails are kinda of narrow, rough in spots with slight sidehill. The water hole is a steep bank that the 4 wheeler and 6 wheeler come up with carrying a load, but we are concerned that a side by side might not. We need a good, serviceable side by side that can carry a load in the back (bigger box is necessary) and pull a trailer (sometimes). It will never be used for speed but will be worked hard. The machine will have to come in over the ice or be rafted down in the summer so the machine needs to be sounds as there is just no way to get it back and forth for repairs. What have you found that works the best and is the most reliable as a work vehicle? Thank You, Scarlett

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    I own a 2004 Yamaha Rhino and have never had any work done by the dealer. Self service is pretty easy on it. It sounds like you will be using your machine differently than I though. I do not have to rely on mine as much. It is a good machine though, they do have a recall on them currently for tipping in certain situations. They want to add wheel spacers to the machines to make them wider as part of the recall. Maybe the sidehill you are talking about is too much. I don't know. My machine has 27" tires which widens the stance to about 57". I'm sure that would help.
    I personally think you can hurt yourself on any machine, if you act like an idiot. So the recall does not bother me. The differential lock does help get through the deep mud holes. I have only had mine stuck 1 or 2 times. If I can get traction, it does not get stuck. Good luck with your decision, there are alot of good machines out there.

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    For that duty, and by everyone I've talked to and seen use them, there's two machines in contention for the duty you're asking of it.

    A Polaris Ranger 6x6 or Argo

    I like all of 'em, but you've been pretty darned specific. You may, well, will need to modify the Ranger to be bullet proof. The Ranger forums can help you there. In my opinion, the 4x4 Ranger just isn't heavy duty enough for what you're talking about, although, they are pretty darned impressive!

    The only thing is just hownarrow? You'd be amazed at how much brush can be crushed out of the way.

    Let us know what you get, and how it works out!


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